Making a Career from Blogging

January 15, 2017
This started off as a Facebook post. I kept trying to condense it down, but I inevitably had to leave important details out. Somebody asked a little while after I posted my last Facebook status about making blogging my career in 2017, “how do you make money just writing and posting articles?” Good question. You’ve gotta have something or some reason to write, in the first place. Writing was never something I had in mind as a career. I think the desire to write comes from a need to communicate. For me it was to communicate thoughts that I felt had...



27 | Nashville, TN

I’m heavily inclined toward all things creative, and self-expression. I am, among other things, a lifestyle writer, social influencer, and a photographer – and this is my creative outlet. It’s a collection of what I’ve seen, lived, learned, and thought. It’s a pursuit toward the curation of “the good life”; a guide to all things hedonistic, if you will.

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Do you see opportunity for a new avenue? I’m always open to new ideas, whether it’s something I should explore, or something you’d like to explore and share with me. Guest contributions are always welcome. Work is currently underway on a larger, more encompassing lifestyle project, and I’d love to have you step on board! Contact me and let me know your ideas.

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Dating In The Age of Social Media

January 3, 2017
I’ve got an idea. It’s going to be short, quick, and easy. If we all slowed down a little bit, we’d have a lot more fun. The next romantic interest you come across, let’s try something new – the friend test. As I browse all the social networking apps, specifically the ones centered around finding romantic opportunities, I sense a lot of heads hitting brick walls. The instant gratification aspect of dating through apps on your phone has also made everyone get in a hurry to find “the one”. I think we’re doing it wrong. If you truly want a...

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