Making a Career from Blogging

January 15, 2017
This started off as a Facebook post. I kept trying to condense it down, but I inevitably had to leave important details out. Somebody asked a little while after I posted my last Facebook status about making blogging my career in 2017, “how do you make money just writing and posting articles?” Good question. You’ve gotta have something or some reason to write, in the first place. Writing was never something I had in mind as a career. I think the desire to write comes from a need to communicate. For me it was to communicate thoughts that I felt had...

Dating In The Age of Social Media

January 3, 2017
I’ve got an idea. It’s going to be short, quick, and easy. If we all slowed down a little bit, we’d have a lot more fun. The next romantic interest you come across, let’s try something new – the friend test. As I browse all the social networking apps, specifically the ones centered around finding romantic opportunities, I sense a lot of heads hitting brick walls. The instant gratification aspect of dating through apps on your phone has also made everyone get in a hurry to find “the one”. I think we’re doing it wrong. If you truly want a...

This Is Why You’re Still Single

December 5, 2016
I’m very skeptical of “cure-all” fixes. I don’t claim to have them. What I do have is a perspective, and experience. I find people to be very interesting to talk to and observe, if for no other reason than to hear their problems – especially those with other human beings – and sit back and daydream about the cause of it all. Relationships (or lack thereof) happens to be one of the most popular and interesting, especially in the LGBT community. I’m sure there are parallels in the straight world, but I’m no expert on that. I try to look...

Welcome to Nashville

September 6, 2016
It’s been a long time coming. I’ve finally landed and it feels so good. The Downtown Dweller started back in early 2013, when I sought to craft a blog and an online presence that personified my ideal life – that of a downtown dweller. Now, who or what is that? It’s an informed, cultured, classy, urban resident. It’s jazz, wine, fashion, cars, architecture, pop culture, music, food, and travel. And it’s for any and every guy (perhaps some gals too) that is interested in getting in on the know of how to live the best life. So why Nashville? For...


August 22, 2015
Finding meaning is at one time or another a core desire in everyone’s life. It kinda helps you define what you’re here to accomplish, which trickles down from macro to micro, to the point of determining literally what you do with each and every moment. Far too often I feel like people pick up on the lives lived by those around them, and, drawing on the security that comes from the observed individual’s experience and success with the path they’ve taken, model something very similar in their own life with a few changes here and there. Meaning has, among a...
San Francisco

Vacation, going unplugged, and other related things…

January 28, 2014
Unless you live under a rock, you are surely aware of the plight those of us fortunate enough to fall under the umbrella of “GenX/GenY/Millenials” are facing. We amass mountains of debt getting degrees that either 1) don’t help us land a job, 2) get us a job where we’re underpaid & overworked, or 3) we never use at all. We are told we probably won’t have it as good as our parents, let alone have more opportunity than our parents have had. They (whoever “they” is) say we are so addicted to technology that we lack the skills to...

Making New Years Resolutions That Work

January 21, 2014
We’re not that far into 2014, and chances are those resolutions most people have made haven’t really seen the light of day. As I’m sitting here at Barnes & Noble on my day off, I was thinking about what might be an interesting new topic to do some writing on, and the idea of new year’s resolutions came to mind. It’s something that, while great in concept, is often pretty ineffective in application. People go at the new year with good intentions, thinking that they’ve got 365 days to accomplish what it is they’re after, however the process of actually getting...

What Cory Monteith taught me about friendship…

August 6, 2013
Be a better friend. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? It’s not a revolutionary idea by any means. It’s such a platitudinal statement. But it’s the one thing that, if we all committed to it, might do more good not just for the LGBT world, but the entire world, than any other thing. That’s my theory, anyway. It’s what came to mind, as I’ve been spending time lately watching things in the news unfold. One of the most significant inspirations, I think, for this whole “be a better friend” manifesto was the unfortunate and untimely death of Cory Monteith. Now,...

Out and Proud

June 7, 2013
It seems like I can hardly turn left or right, but what I see who’s just come out of the closet. It’s on the news, all over the internet, and a topic of conversation everywhere. There’s a certain momentum that’s gaining a lot of speed, that is, with celebrities, athletes, movie stars, and important figures all over the world, standing up and showing their true colors. Portia de Rossi, Rosie O’Donnell, Cynthia Nixon, Ellen de Generes, Melissa Etheridge, Wanda Sykes, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Anderson Cooper, Jason Collins, Lance Bass, Chris Colfer, Neil Patrick Harris, Ricky Martin, Clay Aiken, David Burtka,...

Classic Gazpacho Recipe – The perfect patio recipe with fresh summer ingredients!

June 6, 2013
I felt like it was time for some more great summer food, this time, a nice classic gazpacho recipe. Good things come in pairs, I think. It wasn’t long after Tyler Davis had submitted his recipe for ceviche that I knew there’d be another great recipe to follow, for all you readers out there. This is actually one from my collection, one that was passed from a friend of a friend of a friend of a… you know the deal. It’s incredibly simple, surprisingly filling, and a recipe any wise guy should keep in his arsenal of all things culinary.
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Why are we here? It’s a very tough question. I believe it’s for the experience. It’s tough to narrow things down, because it places unnecessary limits on who or what you can do and become. I believe that the basis of life is freedom, the purpose of life is joy, and the result of your life is expansion. I truly believe we are here for the experience; to have fun, birth new desires, go on journeys of all kinds, and always be open to and in search of whatever makes us happiest. That’s always changing, and that contrast that gives us new desires is what makes life so interesting.

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