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The start of something new…

Well, this has been a little while in the making. A couple weeks ago I was sitting enjoying a drink and some sun at LA Jackson, and I told myself it was time. Time to finally bite the bullet and put the feelers out there. For what? The next portion of the blog. I’ve been working on the style section for years but it’s never been what I’ve wanted it to be. I’ve taken a lot down, and been waiting for the right situation. I’m here now. So why wait anymore? Just do it, right?

When you embark on a journey to “do you”, I find that once you get brave and start jumping off cliffs, you’ll often take a step back and look at what you just did and ask yourself “did I really just do that”? I thought that right after I posted my Facebook status asking for male models for an upcoming shoot. I had no idea what I was thinking (I think it was the Buck Jump doing the thinking for me) but I had no choice but to roll with it and keep going. Push yourself outside of that comfort zone, step back, regroup, then run forward with all your might. I now find myself falling right into things, and realizing that when you’re aligned and doing what you’re inspired to do, it all works with such beautiful synchronicity.

And that’s exactly how it worked out with what I did Monday with Caleb, the subject of my first street style photoshoot. We went out and explored the familiar areas around downtown that are so good for this type of thing. And that’s exactly where I wanted this to be. I believe that all style really starts on the street. You don’t find fashion in the cornfields – it’s an urban thing. The streets are the birthplace of style, and the most raw and intense interaction of fashion with life; it’s where all the trends get started. Whether they’re found on the street and imitated by a designer, or they’re an avant-garde concept being shown off by a daring fashionista, it’s the epicenter of all activity to me.

Caleb was one of the very first to reply to my call on Facebook, and I’m glad he did. His background in men’s fashion is very real, as an Assistant Manager at Nordstrom here in Nashville. His experience and passion for personal expression is very self-evident in how he presents. I had the opportunity to probe his mind a little bit and got a lot of interesting info. Here follows some of the questions and answers on this shoot.

…a few questions, sir?

Q: What is fashion or style to you?

A: Fashion for me is a way to express myself and display my current mood or emotion.

Q: Who / what do you look to for inspiration?

A: The people I see on a day to day basis. I love seeing how other people portray fashion and throw their twist on the latest trends. Instagram is also a very big inspiration for me. (Topman, Gucci, personal accounts, etc.)

Q: Where do you shop, and why?

A: I feel somewhat limited here in Nashville when it comes to brick and mortar stores. Of course, Nordstrom is my go-to being that I work there. I’m able to keep an eye on all the latest and greatest. Urban Outfitters is probably the second B&M in Nashville I shop regularly. I’m also constantly shopping online with ZARA, ASOS, and TOPMAN.

Q: What do you like about the first outfit? What pieces are you wearing?

A:  The first outfit is a simple monochromatic look. Light grey ripped TOPMAN shorts, basic white tee by TOPMAN, all white leather hi-top VANS, with some cool crew socks to keep with the scheme. It’s an easy look. Bright, clean, fresh, and simple for summer.

Q: What do you like about the second outfit? What pieces are you wearing?

A: Second outfit has a little more edge to it. Rougher around the edges. You can never go wrong with a simple black skinny jean with the ripped knee. And throwing it with a cut off plaid button down from TOPMAN adds a little 90’s grunge look. It’s also great for layering, for example, same look, but unbutton and slip a white short sleeved or long sleeved tee depending on the weather.

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