Welcome to Nashville

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve finally landed and it feels so good.

The Downtown Dweller started back in early 2013, when I sought to craft a blog and an online presence that personified my ideal life – that of a downtown dweller. Now, who or what is that? It’s an informed, cultured, classy, urban resident. It’s jazz, wine, fashion, cars, architecture, pop culture, music, food, and travel. And it’s for any and every guy (perhaps some gals too) that is interested in getting in on the know of how to live the best life.

So why Nashville?

For the past three or four years, living downtown in a smaller Illinois city had been great, but it was time to finally get away to something a bit bigger, more grandiose. After a fortunate series of events, I now find myself calling “music city” home. I had always thought it might be St. Louis back in the day, but being here now, I’m not sure I could live any more north than I do – the weather is beautiful, the sun shines bright, the clouds paint beautiful patterns in the sky, and the winters are mild.

The southern hospitality is real, y’all. It’s insane how friendly, outgoing, and genuine people are down here. It just feels like how it should be – there’s something endearing about all the spontaneous conversations you find yourself entering into with complete strangers. It’s almost like the universe is saying “this is where you will prosper in happiness”.

So what’s next?

I’m still going to be doing the same things I did before – opinion and editorial articles, recipes, reviews and the like. But now that I’m living in a bigger city I’m going to dive a bit more into the raw day-to-day urban life experience, while also incorporating some of the enjoyable aspects of this area that aren’t so urban. There will also be a lot more visual content – I’m going to start curating some of my favorite things about the area and sharing them with y’all.

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